White Label Payment Gateway

IXOPAY is a PCI-DSS Level 1 certified payment platform. It combines a huge variety of alternative payment methods and acquirers for credit card payment and also allows for PAN vaulting (primary account number), a unique identification number for credit and debit card owners. With smart routing, event-based cascading and flexible multi-acquirer (fallback) options that are easy to set up and maintain, it functions as a true hub and load balancer for online payments at scale.


  • Secure payment: IXOPAY is PCI-DSS level 1 certified and follows state of the art standards for both software development as well as hardware deployment.
  • White label: Our platform can be fully delivered in your own corporate identity, with custom URLs, logos, software clients and full documentation.
  • Independent payment solution: IXOPAY is a proprietary payment gateway platform, completely independent from banks, card schemes and venture capital.
  • Developers first: We strive to make developer’s lives easy wherever we can and provide a clean payment gateway API as well as straight forward software clients for our single integration platform.
  • True payment hub: Our single integration payment processing solution connects you to a vast network of global acquirers and payment schemes and lets you apply them more effectively.
  • Scalable international payments: Like everything coming out of the IXOLIT group, our platform is built to scale, preparing you for growth and global business expansion.

Supported business categories

  • Payment Service Provider expand their acquirer and APM portfolio and can offer on-demand payments to their online merchants by using IXOPAY.
  • ISOs and Sales Agents white label IXOPAY to provide their merchants with a state of the art, fully branded processing experience.
  • Acquirers integrate with IXOPAY to access new merchant categories.
  • Application Providers love to use IXOPAY when building fintech applications and webshops.

Reaching success with experience & know-how

With only one integration (API), IXOPAY makes it possible for you to connect to a variety of payment solutions in the shortest possible time. Give your merchants the opportunity to increase their payment solutions in a secure environment and to increase their profits. The IXOPAY platform is a white label tool and can be equipped with your CI – your brand and your logo. Enjoy the benefits of a proven gateway – developed by experts with more than 15 years of experience in the payment business – and don’t waste time communicating with acquiring banks, payment providers or other third parties. In our PCI-certified environment, we maintain all the data with maximum security.

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