E-Commerce platform & intelligent subscription management system

dislo provides a secure foundation and all the necessary tools for efficient and profit-maximizing work, while at the same time providing full data and information control. All payment-relevant needs are covered quickly and without any complications, thus securing your financial success. Due to the flexibility of the platform, you can quickly implement individual adaptations to the needs of the company and the customers.

The “dislo-principle“

  • Business Dashboard & Reporting Tool: Displays accurate and valuable data; analysis and advanced reports in real time; providing deep insights to effectively drive business decisions. All dashboard results can be easily transfered to the reporting tool of your choice.
  • Flexible Frontend Integration: The platform is easy to integrate into your existing frontend via the dislo public API. Alternatively, dislo‘s optional Frontend Application Server can be quickly set up.
  • Plan Management: Enables the creation of packages with various up- and downgrade strategies, different signup flows, specific consumer vouchers, discounts, one-off charge, etc.
  • Subscription Management: Easy & flexible subscription set-ups such as: Various subscription periods; free and paid trial support, pausing; prolongation and up- and downgrade options.
  • Event Engine: dislo‘s Event Engine enables you to modify and extend the system‘s behaviours, based on certain events, such as sending out flexible notifications to users or contacting third-party services to inform them of what‘s going on. With our easy-to-use configuration interface you can set up new rulesets in a few minutes.

Benefits to you

  • PCI Level 1 Certified: Vaulting credit card data in a PCI level 1 certified environment is included, so you‘ll always get your subscriptions under control.
  • Global Payment Methods: Recurring revenue maximization through our reliable, flexible subscription management solution. With the IXOPAY gateway, dislo gives access to many credit card acquirers and more than 200 alternative payment options in over 50 countries.
  • Professional Support: Our experts are always available to assist you with all your questions and make things easier. Our experienced team has already migrated many existing projects of all sizes onto the dislo platform.
  • 3rd-party Services Integration: dislo integrated many 3rd party applications into the platform including: kissmetrics; mixpanel; Customer.io; Optimizely; MailChimp; PostAffiliate Pro; etc.
  • Efficient Scalability: dislo can be run as an on-premises-software or as a self-hosted version with our operations team managing the hardware you own. Our system scales up to millions of worldwide users and is perfectly suitable for all project sizes from startup to enterprise.
  • Highest Security Standards: 24/7 monitoring including hourly data backups; efficient fraud prevention system (e.g. chargeback fraud); PCI Compliance as well as highly granulated permissions and role-based access control (RBAC).

Recurring billing expertise

We have many years of experience in the migration of large data sets to ensure sustainable business processes. The fast transfer of organically grown data sets without data loss is standard. Through our “recurring billing expertise”, we maximize recurring revenue with our reliable, flexible subscription management solution. With our intelligent automation systems, subscriptions are reliably debited, extended, cancelled, added or refunded. Existing payment providers can be integrated quickly and easily.

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