Legacy Migration

Secure migration of your data for flexible and long-lasting business processes.

Optimize performance with legacy migration

With our legacy migration process, we create the possibility for a fundamental technological change that allows your old system to adapt to modern standards and also guarantees long-term further development.

Systems for sustainable business processes

This adjustment process can be done as a part migration, slowly and step-by-step so that all main issues can be addressed at first. However, the core problem of basic administration will not be solved (continuous integration). Legacy migration is more efficient and long-lasting, as your system is fundamentally adapted to modern standards. This enables you to work sustainably without any worries about future performance.

The frequency of paradigm changes in software development is extremely high. In this fast-paced industry, it is very important to maintain and further develop systems so you can implement any upcoming requirements.

Technical debt

Systems that grow organically develop what programmers call technical debt – if no time is invested in redesigning software and infrastructure components to keep interfaces and architectures clean. This is a slow process ending in an outdated and inflexible legacy, which is not able to meet the requirements any more.

A few examples:

  • Missing technical infrastructure (version management, data backup, build server)
  • Outdated or missing software and infrastructure documentation
  • Missing necessary redesigns or code refactoring
  • Incorrect definition and implementation of system architecture (close coupling, cyclic dependencies of missing APIs)
  • Outage due to insufficient scaling

We have taken over numerous systems in this state and know how to evaluate their status along with the effort needed for a qualified migration. The most important elements are a defined strategy and a clear time table.


  • Approaching each other
    As soon as we receive your approval, we will come to you and take time to completely understand your problems and challenges.
  • Firefighting
    As we get to know your systems and processes better, our specialists directly work on outages and acute deficiencies so we have more time for the next steps. Is your website suddenly offline? Has the performance of your database dropped again? We help you remove the root cause.
  • New Paths
    By now we already have a first plan and a strategy worked out for you. The biggest disruptive factors have been removed and it is time to address the main problems and start fresh.

Moving to a new world

We know it can be hard to leave behind trusted systems and start over with something completely new. It is essential to start the legacy migration process before the success of your business is in danger. Because we have carried out many migration projects in the past, we have built an enormous amount of competence and faced different challenges. Based on our expertise, we advise and develop a detailed migration plan and define the best way to keep everything that is important to you.

Benefits to you

  • Fundamental adaption of your old system to an adaptable, flexible system
  • Transfer of your most important functionalities
  • Long-term high-quality processes
  • Sustainable workflows and high performance
  • No more outages or technological disadvantages
  • Experienced and professional consulting and implementation – detailed migration planning

A fresh start

We focus on you and the efficiency of the processes that make your business successful. It is our goal to solve your problems quickly and reliably so you can focus on your business while we ensure a fully automated high-quality system migration in the background.

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