Solution Examples

Creation of setups to meet your individual architecture requirements.

Customized architecture

Depending on the complexity of your needs and application, we create your containers in different architectures. Our experts will find the perfect solution for you, whether it is a single-tier setup for a small architecture environment or a multilayer setup for more complex environments that provide scalability and better performance. We will put together a few scenarios for you.

Single-tier architecture

Single-tier deployments are best suited for simple application scaling on a single server. They are ideal for a first inexpensive prototype or for projects, which do not require high availability and performance.

  • Ideal for first prototype and small setups
  • All components run in one container
  • Downtime for scheduled maintenance
  • 99,9% uptime guarantee

Two-tier architecture

For professional online services with increased requirements, your application runs distributed on more than one server. A highly available load-balancer checks the frontends regularly for functionality and deactivates them in case of error. A database slave always has a live copy of your data and backups are done without affecting the performance or your application.

  • Higher performance due to separation of application and database
  • Application and database are synchronized
  • Simple scalability with the addition of new frontend instances
  • Better security because of separation of the components
  • Load balancer

Three-tier architecture

We suggest three-tier architecture to our clients with the highest demand for availability and performance. Our processes allow maintenance work without any noticeable downtime. Any number of application frontends can be added to handle load-peaks. Your database runs on a highly available MySQL multi-master cluster (Percona XtraDB cluster).

  • Continuously redundant architecture that is easy to maintain
  • Highest uptime guarantee
  • Best performance and scalability, as with our two-tier architecture
  • Synchronized multi-master MySQL database layer based on Percona XtraDB cluster
  • Hourly database backups

Customized layer models

IXOLIT plans and builds your individual solutions, from a simple web stack to complex service-oriented architectures. We are very familiar with open source tools around our hosting stack. Growing mid-sized customers also profit from our experience with big e-commerce projects. Our qualified experts have built a number of individual high-quality setups and will help you find a custom-made solution to meet your requirements.

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