Managed DNS

The world’s fastest response to DNS requests guarantees highest availability.

Global DNS Network

A DNS server converts your domain into an IP address. A well performing DNS service is the basis for optimizing your online services for performance. Queries have to be answered from servers close to the user. This is why we started cooperating with Dyn Inc. Dyn runs a global DNS Anycast network and offers our customers the best DNS servers and high availability.

Optimized infrastructure performance

The Dyn network extends over 18 locations in countries like Germany, The Netherlands, Great Britain, USA, Brazil, China, India and Australia. Your DNS queries will be answered by the closest server.


Queries per Second 1 5 10 30
Domains 2 5 10 30

Excellent user experience with the Traffic Director

The Dyn Traffic Director directs user queries to the geographically closest available server. Dyn monitors your frontends, does load balancing and automatic failover in case of outages.

  • Geolocation load balancing
  • Traffic management
  • Failover of several frontends by means of DNS

Benefits to you

  • A fast response to DNS requests ensures the highest availability
  • Guaranteed very short waiting times and ideal end-user experience
  • Dyn Inc. is trusted by the top international companies in the Alexa Top 500
  • IPv6

Customer satisfaction with a strong web presence

Dyn Inc. optimizes the performance of your online services. You always have a clear overview and control of your performance. The presence of your service achieves the highest quality and availability, ensuring extremely fast and reliable traffic. At the same time, your users enjoy the high-performing web presence and content that can be consumed faster than with your competitors.

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