Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Best transfer rates for your digital content guaranteed through excellent connections.

Loading your digital content at lightning speed

Extremely fast loading times, reliable service, high-quality downloads and scalability are some of your advantages while using our Content Delivery Network (CDN). With the right CDN you have a strategic advantage over your competitors. The local traffic optimization ensures that your users get their digital data delivered in the best quality and highest speed.

Performance with a strong partner

IXOLIT is proud of its cooperation with Highwinds, one of the world’s strongest Content Delivery Networks, which allows you to deliver digital content to your users faster than ever before.

The Content Delivery Network consists of a group of servers positioned at geographically important places. The presence of local nodes in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia guarantees a response from the closest location to your users. This ensures the highest possible speed for loading content, such as pictures and videos.

Premium peering with 1,600 providers and 14,000 ASNs

Highwinds is listed as the highest performing Content Delivery Network worldwide in several benchmarks, especially when it comes to response times and data throughput rates. The network is connected to over 1,600 providers and 14,000 ASNs, providing faster downloads and better delivery rates for your digital content.

Locations: Amsterdam (6), Brussels, Frankfurt, London (2), Madrid, Paris, Stockholm, Ashburn (2), Atlanta, Chicago (3), Dallas (2), Los Angeles (7), Manila, Miami (2), New York (3), Newark, Phoenix San Francisco, San Jose (4), Seattle (2), Tustin, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo (4), Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney

Global caching

Caching of static content like pictures, CSS and JavaScript, as well as completely dynamically generated pages (query string caching). The Global Premium package allows you to activate additional POPs in Australia and South America.

Origin shield

To relieve the load from your “origin” server, a second layer - the origin shield - can be added to the normal edge cache between edge and origin. The data is then only loaded once from your server instead of with every edge node.


StrikeTracker, a CDN Management Tool, is our partners Highwinds’ award-winning HTML5 configuration and statistics interface for your account.


Together with your CDN account, you will receive full access to a RESTful API that allows your application to interact with the CDN. With this API, you can change configurations, perform statistic queries, and delete versions in cache (purge).

Secure SSL delivery

Your personal SSL certificate is stored on the CDN and this allows SSL encrypted delivery of all content. The CDN can also fetch content via SSL to provide end-to-end encryption.

Benefits to you

  • Double the speed compared to normal servers
  • Required bandwidth reduced by at least 60%
  • Global network with more than 50 locations in 5 continents
  • High-quality downloads guaranteed
  • Premium peering with 1,600 providers and 14,000 ASNs

Best transfer rates guaranteed

Highwinds delivers your digital content to your users within seconds. Excellent connections to local providers around the globe make the world’s fastest response time possible. No other CDN network offers better peering with large eyeball ISPs. Content is cached and transferred in no time at all. The Highwinds CDN in five continents is always close to your user and ensures extremely fast and high-quality availability of your data.

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