200+ Third Party Integrations for Your Business

In order to meet the ever-growing needs of organizations, IXOLIT offers more than 200 integrations with third party systems, such as marketing tools, payment service providers, logistics partners, CRM systems and analysis tools. Interface directly with your current systems, ensuring seamless integration with your existing business logic and the ability to grow your software stack as needed. No matter whether you are engaged in web, mobile or app development, benefit from the advantages offered by our broad spectrum of integrated tools. If needed, additional systems can be integrated by our specialists in record time.

We integrate you with various PSPs, business intelligence solutions, CRMs, and fraud and risk management software

Custom Functions: A Competitive Advantage

IXOLIT‘s products and services grow according to our customers’ needs. We continually extend our feature set, paying attention to the demands of the market. Take advantage of always being able to access to the latest product extensions. And if you cannot (yet) find the feature you are looking for on one of our platforms, our agile approach to development means we are able to quickly implement custom features. Contact us for more information – our experts will be happy to advise you.

Customize your payment ecosystem with the support of IXOLIT

Professional Migration Service

You can either handle the migration of your data yourself or delegate this task to our team of experts with the experience of successfully migrating large-scale projects with millions of users to our platforms. No matter what business logic is at the core of your requirements, you will be able to shed technical debt by moving to a scalable, highly performant system with a modern user interface. If your needs change, your system can be extended with additional custom features at any time. Our goal is to ensure you increase your productivity, reduce costs and optimize your business processes once your data has been migrated, be it to a webshop or Business Intelligence database.

Data migration is made easy with IXOLIT's technology

State-of-the-art Development for Custom Requirements

Our products are enterprise web services developed using innovative techniques, providing you with robust, user-friendly and secure applications. Our web applications and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are future proof, benefiting you with low maintenance and support overheads. Should the eCommerce requirements of your project not be covered by our products (or by means of customization and third party integrations), we also develop custom software in our core areas.

IXOLIT develops custom enterprise platform and web services

Personal Consulting

If you have already found a suitable offering among IXOLIT’s products and services, and would like to know more about the exact set of features, we can analyse your business processes and then make a recommendation on how to proceed. With nearly 20 years of eCommerce experience across numerous industries, we can draw upon a large back catalog of features and solutions when implementing your business idea. We have also partnered with consulting agencies, and can contribute our experience to advise you as to the best way forward. Contact us to request a quote for consultation on one of our products.

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