SK Rapid gets new green-white website

October 16, 2018 | Success Story

Website Relaunch for all Devices: User-friendly & Responsive for a Million Users

With the increasing growth in users and content, Austrian championship record-holder SK Rapid had the goal of creating a new digital contact point for its users – state-of-the-art technology that keeps pace with the times and is ready for the future. In August 2015, IXOLIT successfully relaunched the entire SK Rapid website and its apps.

Almost one million Rapid fans regularly surf the website of SK Rapid, and over half of them visit the site using mobile devices. With the diversity of content, the club wanted to redesign the website for all terminal devices. To optimize the user experience, a clear structure with many features and a flawless responsive appearance were the primary focus.

"It was very quickly decided that IXOLIT is the perfect partner for us: the technical specifications, excellent references and strong level of expertise convinced us."
Mag. Lorenz Kirchschlager
SK Rapid Projektleiter & Stv. Leiter Sponsoring, Marketing, Kommunikation

An Intensive Collaboration with Attention to Detail

The focus of the relaunch was both, to provide the users an unique experience and enabling employees of SK Rapid a smoothly functioning and easy to use backend in order to facilitate the ongoing work on the website. Everything concerning frontend, hosting, system administration or video distribution via CDN was implemented according to plan.

The IXOLIT team kept a comprehensive overview at each stage of the project and also paid a great deal of attention to detail. Suggestions for improvement or different perspectives on the project did not have to be pushed, but were proactively introduced to the project by IXOLIT. In this way, a dynamic process developed, which was reflected very positively in the end result.
Mag. Lorenz Kirchschlager
SK Rapid Projektleiter & Stv. Leiter Sponsoring, Marketing, Kommunikation

Increased Access Numbers

A clear and modern site is ready to make a good impression on all mobile devices and offers an unique experience for its users with its services. The website handles the large daily access numbers perfectly. In the first month, nearly 850,000 visits were recorded, three times as much as the year before. The user-friendly implementation of the vast array of content provides a special user experience. The high access figures not only show that interest in the new site is very great, but also that the usability was successful and the preparation of the content was selected perfectly to to increase the length of stay significantly (average of 3.39 minutes). In addition, the number of visits (3.5 sessions on average) shows that this wide variety is very well received. Not to be forgotten is the overwhelming amount of user feedback on various social media networks and in emails.

SK Rapid Wien

SK Rapid was founded in 1899, emerging from the “1. Wiener Arbeiter Fußballklub” (1st Viennese Worker Football Club) established in 1897. Since 1911, SK Rapid has been part of the highest division in Austria and now holds the national record of 32 championship titles. As the most popular club in Austria, “SCR” inspires the masses like no other club and can rely on a large number of passionate fans that always support the team unconditionally. SK Rapid represents football for the workers, true to the club motto: “Together. Fight. Win.”

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