Project implementation for Rapid Mobil with partner Ventocom.

Desired phone number and live stream for Rapid Mobil customers

The joint passion for exciting projects has helped IXOLIT and Ventocom to successfully implement Rapid Mobil, an exclusive mobile phone tariff for fans. Within this collaboration, IXOLIT added to the basic work of Ventocom, including a reservation management tool (to reserve the desired number). Additional features like SMS integration for information and verification purposes via moreify, bonding into Ventocom SMS-C solution, and a live stream for Rapid Mobil “home field advantage customers” were implemented.

The challenge

Due to the great popularity of the Austrian record holder and the strong public interest, an ambitious schedule for the realization of the project was set. Rapid Mobil was launched only a short time after the project was taken over. At the annual general meeting of the record master, end of November, the mobile numbers should already be available and the live stream function only a few days later.

"There are not many companies, like IXOLIT, where the collaboration is easy, solution-oriented and with fast implementation processes. The IXOLIT team had fantastic ideas and completed Rapid Mobil's solutions perfectly with their solutions. In addition, the cooperation has given us a lot of pleasure and joy. I can only recommend IXOLIT."
DI Peter Nebenführ, Management Ventocom

The solution

The green-and-white reservation management tool was developed to reserve the desired phone number. The registration was implemented in the website with a user-friendly application form. All fans have the opportunity to order their desired favorite number, which includes the founding year of SK Rapid (0677 1899). Ventocom, as an experienced mobile communication partner, provides attractive and tailored mobile phone plans for the customer.

In addition, a website has been created that allows all people, registered to Rapid Mobil, to enjoy their exclusive “home field advantages”. One of these advantages is the live stream. Here, the Rapid Mobil user receives - before all national league games - a link via SMS, no later than 20 minutes before kickoff. This makes it possible to take a look behind the scenes, and is intended to let the green and white fan hearts beat faster.

moreify is used, among other things, for welcome and reminder SMS and for verification during registration. By connecting moreify to Ventocom, now IXOLIT's SMS Gateway uses the successful Short Service Message Center (SMS-C) solution, provided by the virtual network operator. This guarantees a fast and reliable delivery of SMS to all new Rapid Mobil customers.

The success

The project was completed timely and in full customer satisfaction. At Christmas 2016, there were already numerous Rapid Mobil registrations. With the start of the soccer game season in February 2017, a huge rush on the live stream is expected. By connecting moreify to Ventocom SMS-C solution, our team was given the opportunity to work with an experienced and competent partner from the mobile communication industry.

IXOLIT project manager, Michael Pohl was extremely satisfied with the project implementation and partnership: "The collaboration with Ventocom was highly professional, which allowed the tight schedule to be accomplished. We benefit a lot from their enormous expertise and have been able to gain lasting experience through an exciting exchange of ideas with their well-organized team."

For this project, IXOLIT realized

  • Creation of two individual landing pages
  • Implementation of a reservation management tool
  • Realization of live stream functions for Rapid Mobil customers
  • SMS sending for verification and standard information purposes (moreify)
  • moreify integration into SMS-C solution of mobile partner Ventocom


In its role as a "virtual network operator" (MVNE), Ventocom makes it possible for brands and vendors to enter the mobile business without any difficulties. The company provides connectivity to network operators, product and plan development, customer relationship management, customer billing and customer service and logistics. Many companies are already trusting Ventocom, like the supermarket chain Hofer, with "HoT" and Allianz.

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