Website Development for High Precision Meteorology

Weather forecast at a glance

Morecast, the premium weather app of the international weather service UBIMET, a subsidiary of the Red Bull group, is a leading global provider of meteorological forecasting systems. IXOLIT was entrusted to prepare the large number of weather data from the existing app in a responsive website to make it available to the international users in five languages. By integrating satellite images and web cams, visitors can enjoy special features. In addition the Advertising Department IXOADS implemented the advertising integration with Smart AdServer.

The challenge

Most of us want to know how the weather will be tomorrow. Best also with a accurate prediction for the temperatures in the next ten days. Also for the holiday destination overseas, of course.

The goal was to integrate all these extensive data sets into a compact website - clearly and user-friendly.

As Morecast offers complex meteorological data in form of real-time satellite images and web-cams, they had to be prepared and displayed in an ideal way.

The solution

Morecast provided IXOLIT with an API of their comprehensive weather data. The layout was implemented in just a few weeks by our experienced development team.

The versatile features were available to the users in a clear and modern design. It is characterized by a user-friendly handling on all devices.

The success

In addition to the high-precision weather forecasts for temperature, rainfall, wind speed and pressure, the website highlights many exciting features. With the "Route weather" function, driver of cars, motor bikes or cyclist as well as pedestrians are always perfectly informed: They know what weather conditions they expect on the way to their destination. With the "Radar" feature the development of storm-fronts can be observed in real time. Users also have the opportunity to become part of the Morcast community and share their personal "weather moment" via Facebook or Twitter. If users are interested in weather, they can compare up to three locations around the world in the "Compare" menu item. The "3D globe" provides a fascinating overview of the changing weather fronts on our planet via satellite images.

Due to the large number of international accesses, the website is available in five languages (German, English, French, Spanish and Italian). is responsive and makes a good impression on all mobile devices.

Andreas Hedrich, CTO UBIMET, is extremely satisfied with the project implementation and the result: IXOLIT convinced within this project with ownership and identification - all parties involved obviously had fun with the implementation and brought in their own creative ideas to develop an even better product. Critical feedback - from people who understand their craft and identify with the project - is unimaginably valuable - and a real USP. The result can be definitely seen.

Stefan Kjaer, CCO IXOLIT and responsible project manager adds: The weather forecasts of the Morecast Weather App have long been a class of their own. Furthermore, we are delighted to have a successful collaboration with UBIMET experts and a perfect relaunch of their service.

Implemented by IXOLIT in the scope of this project

  • Website Development
  • User-friendly, responsive design
  • Integration of satellite images & webcams with real-time recalls
  • Structured and appealing presentation of all content
  • Integration of Smart AdServer by the IXOADS team


Morecast is a product of the international weather service UBIMET, headquartered in Vienna, Austria. UBIMET, a subsidiary of the Red Bull group, is a global provider of meteorological forecasting systems, disclousures and tailor-made services. Data, weather models, radar and satellite images of high-performance systems and specially trained experts are evaluated and interpreted round the clock, 365 days a year. Customers from a wide range of sectors such as railway & infrastructure, construction and energy industry, aviation and airports rely on UBIMET's precise analysis data.

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