Promotional development and implementation.

Using the right tool for successful promotion

Samsung wanted to optimize the organization and implementation of its promotional activities. Since 2014, IXOLIT has taken on various promotional projects and implemented them successfully. A separate IXOLIT promotion tool was developed for Samsung. The system was programmed using the highest security standards and ensures proper compliance with all data privacy regulations.

The challenge

The task was to enable an interface for automated data transmission to facilitate the work of the responsible parties, thereby keeping the lines of communication short. Working quickly and safely and minimizing error rates were also focal points.

In addition to technical aspects, it also involved the successful strategic conversion of a promotional idea into a real project, as well as high quality and expert support for end user communication.

The solution

At the beginning, secure interfaces were created and used with the existing CRM tool. In order to best handle the growing number of promotions, it was decided that a separate IXOLIT promotion tool should be developed for Samsung. This tool covers all the company’s individual business needs, is transparent, functional and can be individually setup. Through automation, the information (e.g., participant data) is quickly and safely updated in the system. Promotional partners, logisticians and customers can be given access to the tool, thereby ensuring a secure interface for the joint work. Control and an overview of the project is retained in this way. Reports can be compiled individually and generated quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

As part of the cooperation, the Samsung ticket system was linked to the IXOLIT system. Thus, the IXOLIT promotion- and support team can answer any project-specific customer inquiries in the shortest possible time.

The success

Organization and processing through the automated work processes have resulted in particularly error-free, reliable and fast workflows that have increased efficiency. Based on experience and expertise, promotions of every size – even those with short notice and that are not long-term – are professionally, safely and quickly implemented.

Maximilian Hasenauer, Digital Marketing Specialist at Samsung Austria describes the success through the cooperation with IXOLIT as “a great asset, since the IXOLIT team works very flexibly, implements all the promotions quickly and keeps sight of the big picture at all times. The team always has an open and watchful eye on our projects, and this helps us pay attention to possible improvements too. With the vast experience, personal contacts and short lines of communication, we feel particularly well advised and are extremely satisfied with the cooperation.”

Implemented by IXOLIT in the scope of this project

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