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On a common path to success

Highwinds is one of the biggest CDN providers in the world and has its own global network infrastructure. For seven years IXOLIT has taken advantage of this excellent service, thus enabling lightning-fast downloading of digital content for its customers. Highwinds works with IXOLIT’s e-commerce platform, dislo, which has been adapted to the extensive needs of the company.

The challenge

Highwinds has grown strategically in the last two years and taken over different retail brands in swift succession. Because of the size, diversity and complexity of the acquired projects, systematic homogenization and structuring had to take place.

Highwinds has always operated successfully in a large number of business fields and wanted to consistently focus its resources on its core areas (CDN, data storage, etc.). Since the brands mainly come from the European region, a partner was sought who had experience and expertise in these markets and could provide state-of-the-art technology. Based on many years of partnership, mutual trust and experience with busy traffic and prominent projects, IXOLIT was entrusted with the complex aim.

The solution

Through the ongoing legacy migration process, newly acquired brands are migrated to the e-commerce platform dislo. With its many years of experience and expertise in this field, IXOLIT is able to analyze and review organically grown and partially outdated business logics in order to integrate them into the platform and standardize their functions. dislo provides a framework with sophisticated business processes and an user-friendly tool for managing end user data. Using tested and standardized functions, errors in newly developed software can be avoided, and this is a big time-saver. If new requirements arise, the framework related to these features is expanded to make them available to all brands.

After this “relocation process”, the data of hundreds of thousands of end users (mostly coming from Europe) runs on dislo. With the experience of IXOLIT in Europe, the company also takes on the end user support for the majority of the European-based brands. With its IXOPAY Department, it also provides advice for European payment arrangements for Highwinds.

The success

Migration of the projects took place very quickly. In the past two years, individual brands were successfully migrated in three monthly periods. The project is not yet complete, as many more brands are waiting in the pipeline. The goal of the migration and integration process was the implementation at the highest level: all business processes were homogenized and are easily accessible on one platform and looked after constantly. Various performance indicators, customer management processes or business logics function automatically and securely. With the prefabricated modules, a fast solution is at hand that can be flexibly adapted and that offers transparent processes to end users.

The IXOLIT support team team is available seven days a week for first-level support and quickly and carefully processes all customer inquiries related to retail projects.

Implemented by IXOLIT in the scope of this project


We are proud to have cooperated for more than over a decade with Highwinds, one of the best content delivery networks in the world. In this way, we can offer our customers delivery of digital content at an enormously high speed. The cooperation is very productive, is based on a high level of confidence and has handshake quality – a rarity in today’s business world.

Vice President of Marketing, Jay Moore, describes the relationship “as something unique in the business world. The real success of this partnership is based on the similarities between the corporate cultures. Cooperation and teamwork at IXOLIT are as much a part of their DNA as with us. The projects on which we work together require advanced technical expertise and repeatedly require the talents of both entrepreneurs.”


Highwinds was founded in the USA in 2002 and is one of the highest performing CDN providers worldwide. The company offers a full range of solutions, including CDN, cloud storage and cloud-based IP services. Each day Highwinds delivers content to millions of users worldwide via its high-performance network. The CDN provider offers an extensive infrastructure and a wide range of services.

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