First Edition Photobooks

Website creation for a passionate photo book collector

A Heart Project with High Demands

First Edition Photobooks, is every collector’s dream. Beautifully illustrated photo books from all over the world are displayed in a neat way. With great care and attention to details, photo books were collected by project initiator Harald Latzko over the years. With respect to his high demands, a tailor-made backend and frontend was created for the individual preparation of the publications.

The challenge

Harald has been collecting photo books for years and owns a variety of rare editions from all over the world. With the foundation of First Edition Photobooks, he was looking for a way to share his collection with others. His wish to present the project of his heart with an elaborated data preparation and a complicated system of links, while still remaining the only master of his own content, could not be fulfilled by any system currently available at the market. Another demand of the collector was to be able to edit the content quickly and easily without a need for an external technical support.

The solution

As luck would have it, Harald became aware of IXOLIT through a recommendation. After intensive consulting and several workshops, the discussed wishes and individual requirements were implemented in cooperation with raum42. For the enthusiastic collector, the data management in the backend as well as the archiving of the content were particularly important. The frontend and the layout design was developed by the IXOLIT team. raum42 created the customized backend that enables Harald to add new publications and edit the content quickly and easily using the new content management system. The backend was developed into a system that is completely expandable for future projects. The aim of the First Edition Photobooks is to reach an international audience of photo book lovers from all over the world.

"During the collaboration with IXOLIT, I have especially appreciated its flexibility with regard to the precise technical implementation. With the aid of many personal discussions, the project specifications were continually adjusted even during the implementation phase itself, as new ideas kept coming up. The whole process wouldn’t be possible without such a flexible approach by IXOLIT" says Harald Latzko.

The success

The intentionally chosen minimalist layout focuses on a simple and clear presentation of photo books, information on photography exhibitions and news from the world of photography. The website, which has been implemented in just a few weeks, is fully responsive.

First Edition Photobooks aims to establish itself as a successful network for other collectors and photo book enthusiasts.

The passionate collector is extremely satisfied with the final result: "IXOLIT was just the right partner for the implementation of my project - a friendly team with high technical know-how filled the project with enthusiasm, even though the requirements were quite different from the assignments the company usually receives. The output is presented on the website with remarkable detail accuracy of diverse links leading to the underlying data".

Implemented by IXOLIT in the scope of this project

  • IT-Consulting
  • Layout development
  • Frontend development
  • Hosting
  • Backend development through an individually customizable content management system (In cooperation with raum42)

First Edition Photobooks

First Edition Photobooks is a project of a photo book enthusiast Harald Latzko. It provides an opportunity to make an ever-growing collection of photo books from all over the world available online. The aim is to create a platform for collectors of photo books and photography enthusiasts who can exchange views via First Edition Photobooks website.

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