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An extraordinary project for gourmets

With "TheCookingSpoon", we have delved into new territory and at first glance it looks like we have made an unusual investment. IXOLIT is investing a high five-figure amount in BarriqueAffairs. This company produces fine cooking spoons from old wine barrels and markets them online and through select partners under the name "TheCookingSpoon". In addition to the cash investment, IXOLIT also operates the website, digital strategy and the online shop.

The challenge

It is one thing to have a creative and extraordinary idea, but quite another to implement it in such a way that others are just as convinced as you are. But the idea of the domestic "BarriqueAffairs" startup immediately inspired IXOLIT, and the company also brought on board an American investor who was "blown away" by the project.
"There are so many great wines in Austria and the proper spoons should not be missing. The concept not only appeals to us very much, but also to one of our American partners that has invested in the project. We look forward to supporting an Austrian start-up both monetarily and technically, and to bring a completely new product on to the market", says Stefan Kjaer, CCO of IXOLIT

The solution

With a great deal of attention to detail, a website was created to present the different spoons and their special features. Background information on the Barrique barrels, wine producers and wines are shown in a user-friendly manner. The website looks good on every device and the modern "Spoonshop", with its worldwide payment connections, promises an uncomplicated shopping experience. Founder and CEO Michael Maas is very satisfied with the result:
"During the cooperation with the IXOLIT team, we received expert professional and entrepreneurial advice. IXOLIT has decades of wide-ranging experience and enormous technical expertise that was very helpful in implementing and realizing our own ideas. As a company, our products were immediately understood and the team responded to our wishes and concerns and contributed many ideas".

Setting up the shop, payment processing and the website are routine tasks for the IXOLIT team. Thus, our "IXOPAY" payment gateway manages the payment streams of online offers and is among the 300 most visited websites in the world.

The success

We are delighted that this extraordinary project is also very popular in the media., DerBrutkasten, Heute, Die Steirische Wirtschaft, Computerwelt – to name a few – have all reported on the extravagant spoon and filled their readers with enthusiasm. TheCookingSpoon has already traveled the world and was given to star chef Kurt Gutenbrunner in the Blue Goose in New York. In the "Spoonbook", the blog on the website, you can read all the news about the unique cooking spoon, along with recipes, etc.

For this project, IXOLIT realized

  • Setup of an online shop ("Spoonshop")
  • Creation of a website for all devices, including a blog ("Spoonbook")
  • User-friendly and responsive design
  • Integration of international and national payment methods through the IXOPAY payment gateway
  • Cash investment


With "TheCookingSpoon", advertising professionals Michael Mass and Ludwiga Drucker manufacture a cooking spoon out of fine wine barrels. With this, they want to turn the cooking spoon back into what it used to be: a life-long object with a history. BarrqiueAffairs was founded in 2016 and is continually expanding its portfolio with premium wineries. The plan for the next step is to produce cooking spoons from internationally known wineries.

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