Allianz Stadion

Website relaunch for all devices.

Brand-new website for brand-new stadium

Being the name giver of the stadium and premium partner of SK Rapid, it was principal concern for Allianz as well as for Austrian record-holding champion to inform their fans and general public in the best possible way about the Allianz Stadion. The means of an own web page seemed to be an ideal solution. The page was created during the busiest construction phase, in order to document building progress and keep its users always up to date. Upon completion of the stadium, the web page was supposed to be completely relaunched so that it would visually highlight Allianz’ international corporate identity even more.

The challenge

In June 2014 the project was introduced to club members, residents and general public during a generously organized presentation in Wiener Stadthalle (Viennese City Hall). Since that point, the web page was accessible. Back then it was meant to be a kind of “online project brochure”, which was carried out by IXOLIT in utmost secrecy. The website was during the whole construction a main information source for all news and facts about building of the stadium. Regardless of whether there were videos, live cams or photos, all the smaller and bigger milestones were documented. Events like demolition party in St. Hanappi could have been captured for green-white fans as well as interested public from all over the world.

The pursued aim was for the page to be completely relaunched after finalization of the stadium in order to incorporate desired international image of Allianz as well as SK Rapid.

The solution

Time for a fundamentally new design of the web page came approximately eight months after the opening celebration of the stadium. The concept was transferred from the mere documentation of building project and construction progress to a webpage that fulfills modern demands. The focus was on such contemporary representation that would suit well to the stadium, the club as well as the name-giving business partner. The website should still offer retrospect of the stadiums’ creation, but the main purpose shifted mostly towards topical information for fans and visitors of the stadium. The result of close cooperation with Allianz and SK Rapid is a brand-new, timeless and informative website.

The success

The website can be distinguished by clear, neat and user friendly interface compatible with monitors, mobile devices and tablets. Among obligatory numbers, data and facts about the angle of stadium seating, the number of seats and the size of the impressive Rapid’s emblem at the front side of so called “Rapid-Röhre” (i.e. tube-shaped entrance) there are many special offers awaiting visitors. One of it is a possibility to book a stadium tour including a visit of Rapideum. The tourist offer is accompanied by diverse information about upcoming matches and events. A recording of a drone flight across the Allianz Stadion portrays the imposing structure in all its glory. Regularly, exciting contests are posted that make hearts of fans leap.

Margit Wurm, BSc, Allianz Market Management/Branding & Digital Capabilities, comments the result satisfactorily: “Cooperation with the team of IXOLIT was professional and uncomplicated. All deadlines were met and we were very well advised and understood during the whole realization of the project. It was an indisputable advantage to cooperate with a partner who can offer a whole package professionally. That included web page development as well as hosting.”

Peter Klinglmüller, Director of Communications, Media & PR of SK Rapid GmbH, is also impressed by the project progress and result: "Two years ago we have already implemented the website of our official sports club with IXOLIT. The project was a success story too, and it is fantastic that we have now reunited for the website of our project of the century, the Allianz Stadium. Just like two years ago, the cooperation with all involved persons was at the highest level, based on trust and understanding, which is reflected in the quality of the website. We are very proud to be involved in the realization of the first and only online representation of a domestic football stadium."

Implemented by IXOLIT in the scope of this project

  • The old web page relaunched completely
  • Modern and clear interface offering a good overview
  • User friendly, responsive design
  • Hosting of the website

Allianz Stadion

Since many years Allianz supports top-class sport on national and international level. Therefore, the concern was able to promote and realize events that have become unforgettable for a lot of people worldwide. The international Allianz has already given its name to five huge sport facilities in the world. The Allianz Stadion in Vienna is the sixth one. The Allianz Group in Austria is a part of the worldwide active Allianz SE that comprises around 150.000 employees in more than 70 countries. It serves to more than 83 millions of customers. Allianz in Austria belongs with approximately 3.600 employees and more that 1,1 million customers to the most prominent insurance companies. It has been present on the local market for more than 150 years.

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