IXOLIT has been merged into IXOPAY

IXOLIT has merged into its former subsidiary IXOPAY to form a single company, IXOPAY. The IXOCARE and IXOCREATE products previously developed under the IXOLIT brand have been discontinued. IXOPLAN, previously developed under the IXOLIT brand, is now part of the IXOPAY brand.

This merger is the logical conclusion to a process that has been several years in the making. When IXOLIT was first founded in 2001, the company’s focus was on developing innovative e-commerce platforms: IXOPLAN (recurring payments), IXOCREATE (CMS), IXOCARE (promotions and loyalty programs) and IXOPAY (payment orchestration platform). IXOPAY was initially created in 2014 to facilitate the process of integrating online payments for users of IXOLIT’s other e-commerce platforms. However, IXOPAY has gone from strength to strength since then, outgrowing its parent company IXOLIT, and becoming by far the largest of IXOLIT’s e-commerce solutions. We have therefore decided to consolidate the two companies under the IXOPAY brand. This will reduce the bureaucratic overheads that come with managing multiple corporate entities and underline the shift in focus towards IXOPAY as our primary product.

Daily business operations will remain unchanged, as will the ownership structure. Founder and Executive Chairman Rene Siegl and CEO Nathalie Siegl, owners and leaders of both IXOLIT and IXOPAY, will continue to lead the merged company. IXOPAY will continue to be financed by the Siegl family, without the involvement of any strategic investors or financial partners.

You can find out more in our official announcement. If you have any questions regarding the merger, please refer to our FAQs.